La Liga: "Nothing Has Been Won Yet"... Zidane

Diamond Hub 101 - "Nothing Has Been Won Yet"... Zidane

Zinedine Zidane has urged all Los Blancos players to strive for more as they have won nothing yet, Diamond Hub 101 reports.

The coach warned his players on Wednesday not to lose their focus if they are willing to win the trophy this season.

Real Madrid is currently at the top of the La Liga table with 71 points and would be hosting Getafe for their next match on Thursday.

Zidane advised, in a press conference on Wednesday, that even though they are currently at the top, they could lose the trophy if they, by any chance, lose momentum...

It's my job to warn you you've won nothing yet. This is the harsh reality. The truth of the matter. There are six games left with 18 points at stake. We are one point ahead, nothing more. Being on the right track is one thing, but we will have to repeat this until the end of the season. I was a player, I went through this situation, I lived this experience. I know very well what it is, and the players know very well that nothing has been won yet.

The Frenchman has won three Champions League titles for the club in his last spell as manager.

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