EPL: "Liverpool Will Win Their Last Matches"...Klopp

Diamond Hub 101 - "Liverpool Will Win Their Last Matches"...Klopp

Jurgen Klopp has assured all Liverpool fans of securing the three points against Aston Villa and the remaining clubs, Diamond Hub 101 reports.

On Sunday, the new EPL champions would be hosting Aston Villa followed by other bottom-six clubs like Albion.

Liverpool was defeated by Manchester City in their first match as the Premier League champions. Despite the 4-0 defeat, Klopp stood by his players till the end.

The manager replied to a suggestion made that youngsters would be thrown in for the remaining fixtures...

This is the next thing we have to learn. I don't think these kind of questions will be asked to Frank Lampard, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and stuff like this. We are champions now and should bring the young boys in, give them a chance. So then we lose the games and everybody is going at us 'you have lost focus, you aren't doing this, you aren't doing that'.

The manager also talked about the zeal to win more matches...

We want to win games and to win, the best players have to be on the pitch. If the young boys are part of these best players then they will be on the pitch. They are so close, they are really good, and they are our future, 100%. But they will not play now because I want to see them in a Premier League game. We don't give Premier League games as Christmas presents. We cannot do that.

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