Nigeria: Philip Billing Debunks Nigeria Switch Rumors

Diamond Hub 101 - Philip Billing Debunks Nigeria Switch Rumors

Bournemouth midfielder, Philip Billing, has refuted all rumours of an International switch from Denmark to Nigeria, Diamond Hub 101 reports.

Although born to a Nigerian father, which makes him eligible to play for Nigeria, Billing says he is 100% committed to Denmark and cannot change that.

The former Huddersfield player has not yet capped for Denmark at the national level but had played in the youth level.

Due to being overlooked by the Danish manager, reports of the 23-year-old switching to Nigeria started circulating in Nigeria media.

Nevertheless, the midfielder debunked all rumours, in an interview with Danish paper,, saying he is not going to play for the Super Eagles of Nigeria...

I think there are some rumours that come out of nowhere. When I saw it, I thought it might be good just to make a Danish article about it so that people don’t start to believe it. I saw the last time people started to speculate that I didn’t mind playing for Denmark and blah, blah, blah. It would be strange to stand up for Nigeria when I feel 100 per cent Danish. Of course, I have Nigerian roots and am half Nigerian, but I was raised and born in Denmark. I have Danish mother, Danish little brother and Danish little sister and a Nigerian father. But this is Denmark I want to stand for. That’s my big dream.

The 23-year-old also stated that Gernot Rohr, the head coach of the Super Eagles contacted him but he as already pledged to Denmark...

I’ve talked to the coach, but I know where I want to play here. I want to play for Denmark, so it is no longer than that. He just said he really wanted me to play for Nigeria because the upcoming World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations will be played soon. I made it pretty clear to him that I wanted to play for Denmark. That’s my big dream.

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