EPL: "I Am Not Manchester United's Enemy"... Mourinho

Soccer News: "I Am Not Manchester United Enemy"... Mourinho

Tottenham's manager, Jose Mourinho, has declared himself a friend of Manchester United and not a foe, reports Diamond Hub 101.

The Portuguese made this statement as he would be facing his former club with his new team on Wednesday. Mourinho also said that he expects a warm welcome from the Red Devils on his arrival...

I’m not a villain, I’m not an enemy but I am the coach that is trying to win against Manchester United. That’s the way I think they are going to look at me. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the guy that is trying to win the game for United fans so of course, they are going to support him and not support me. I think a nice reaction is probably to me but then during the game, the support will be for Solskjaer. They love their club, so they love Solskjaer. During the match I expect them to forget me and to support their team to get the result they want.

Tottenham, who are currently above United with two points difference in the Premier League table, would be hosted by Solskjaer's side for their match by 8:30pm.

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