EPL: Arteta Unhappy With Arsenal Loss To Chelsea

EPL: Arteta Unhappy With Arsenal Loss To Chelsea

Mikel Arteta, the boss of Arsenal FC, has bitterly stated his unhappiness for his team's loss, Diamond Hub 101 reports.

Arsenal suffered a devastating 1-2 loss to Chelsea to the horror of the coach and club supporters. They took the lead in the first half with the help of their captain, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but could not hold their lead as Jorginho and Tammy Abraham showed their prowess in front of goal.

Arteta said he was displeased with the way and manner at which Arsenal conceded two goals that gave Frank Lampard's side the win...

I’m really disappointed with the result and the way we conceded the goals, and the timing of them as well. I’m pleased with a lot of things that I’ve seen. I’m pleased with a lot of things we worked on in training that actually happened in the game, and how they bought into this. But I’m disappointed to lose the game obviously. We had to sustain that level for longer periods against a very, very physical team like Chelsea. We have to move on. I don’t think [it’s a lack of concentration]. We’re 1-0 up, pretty comfortable even if we were defending much deeper than I like. I cannot think about any clear chances for Chelsea before that. The decision-making happens and it will happen again for sure, but when it happens against this type of opposition you get punished.

He went on to add this statement...

I think we had the structure really well, we had more numbers than the opponent and were completely in control. I think it’s a five against three situations. It’s the structure where we need to control those sorts of situations. Then we just stepped back. They are really good at transitions. More than something related to the organization, physically it was tough to maintain the level Chelsea play at the moment. We are asking them to do something different, to play at a different pace, much more aggressive and at the moment they suffered. We had a lot of injuries, we’re putting demands on young players. I don’t think that they didn’t want to do it or that they were scared, I think it was just too physical for them in the end.

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The coach spoke about the team trying to encourage goalkeeper Leno after conceding two goals that made the team lose...

He will be down. When an error costs the team points, it’s harder. We have to lift him. He’s done a really good job since he joined this football club and we have to respect that. We just need to bring the confidence back in and that’s it.

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