EPL: Scott McTominay Is Injured Again

Sports: Scott McTominay Is Injured Again

Manchester United's midfielder, Scott McTominay, sustained another injury in their match against Brighton on Sunday.

The Red Devils were able to come out with a 3-1 win against Brighton but McTominay's injury has put a lot of worry in the faces of all United supporters and the team.

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The team fans showed their worry on different social media platforms. On Twitter, a supporter wrote this...

Not McTominay. He’s been playing so well.

Solksjaer said they are awaiting the result of the scan to know how serious the injury is...

He went over on his ankle, it's a painful one sometimes that's... I've had one, I was out for eight weeks but then again sometimes you have one and you're back in two weeks. I don't know, he's in for a scan tomorrow and then we'll have to see, with the ice there. But it looked painful, Scotty's not one for rolling around. Or he didn't really roll around, because that's probably the sign he's injured, all the players that keep rolling aren't injured.

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