Nigera: "Netherlands Can't Stop Us"...Samson Tijani

"Netherlands Can't Stop Us"...Samson Tijani

Nigeria's Golden Eaglets captain, Samson Tijani, has vowed that he and his fellow teammates would make sure that Netherlands Oranje won't stop them in the FIFA U-17 World Cup as they plan to win the match.

The captain made this known in an interview with

I know this team and these players possess the effort to keep fighting back, no matter the situation. We don’t relent. We don’t give up easily. We force ourselves to keep pushing until we get the win. It gives us more confidence to push harder, knowing what our country has worked for and that they are behind us. So we’ll keep pushing.

"Netherlands Can't Stop Us"...Samson Tijani

Ibrahim Said, who scored the three winning goals in the Eaglets match with Ecuador, also had something to chip in the interview...

We want to bring this World Cup back to Nigeria,” Said said. “I want to make my country proud of the team.

Nigeria would be going head to head with the Netherlands on Wednesday in the Knockout Stage of the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

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