Serie A: Juventus Coach reacts To Ronaldo's Action

Sports: Juventus Coach reacts To Ronaldo's Action

Juventus Coach, Maurizio Sarri, recently reacted to Cristiano Ronaldo's attitude when he was substituted by Dybala in the second half.

Ronaldo left the Allianz Stadium when he was replaced 10 minutes into the second half with anger written all over his face. The 34 years old player muttered some words at the coach before going to the changing room.

Sarri said he was not aware of the Portuguese leaving the stadium before the end of the match...

Sports: Juventus Coach reacts To Ronaldo's Action

Disrespectful to his teammates? Like I said, I don’t know. If it’s true that he left before the end it is a problem to be resolved with his teammates.

Cristiano Ronaldo was also substituted in their Champions League last Wednesday as the coach stated that he had an injury...

I have no problem with Cristiano. He should be thanked because he made himself available despite not being in the best condition. In the last month, he has had discomfort in his knee and this is a little problem for him.

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Dybala was the man of the match as he scored the winning goal for Juventus after coming in for the striker.

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