EPL: Everton's Coach Talks About Andre Gomes Injury

Everton's Coach Talks About Andre Gomes Injury

Everton's coach, Marco Silva, has talked about the extent of the horrific injury sustained by Andre Gomes in the club's league match against Tottenham on Sunday.

Gomes suffered a fracture-dislocation of his right ankle as he fell due to a following a challenge for the ball from Son Heung-min. The Tottenham player was emotionally broken due to the injury he has caused.

Silva did not put any blame on Son as he believes that the Tottenham player meant no harm during the challenge...

Everton's Coach Talks About Andre Gomes Injury

I saw the challenge live and nothing more. I cannot talk to you about the tackle, the incident, other things that happened. Andre has gone to the hospital. The medical staff is taking control of everything, and they will have more information. We should wait until it is a little bit brighter. Of course, it is a wrong moment for us as a group and as a team. Of course, it is more than a football game. But now we will support Andre and his family. My opinion will not change anything, I have to be fair with Son, it was a strong tackle, but I am 100 percent sure when Son did that, he did not do it to do something terrible to Andre. We are talking about two fantastic football players, for sure he did not mean to make something bad to Andre Gomes.

A statement released by Everton Football Club stated that the Portuguese player has been sent to the hospital immediately and would be undergoing surgery on Monday.

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