Serie A: Emre Can Talks About Future In Juventus

Sports: Emre Can Talks About Future In Juventus

Former Liverpool player, Emre Can, expressed unhappiness at Juventus as he is not having regular playing time at the club, Diamond Hub 101 reports.

Can, who left Liverpool in 2018, has only started one game under the management of Maurizio Sarri in this season.

Due to this new development, the 25-year-old talked about his unhappiness at Juventus in an interview with Kicker...

I'm just an ambitious guy who always wants to compete at the highest level, but I'm also learning from this tough time when things are not going the way I was hoping. I'm not playing games from the start, so I'm not happy, but I will stay strong and keep working on myself. I’m often in the gym before or after training, doing extra shifts. I want to be ready. A lot can always happen in football.

The Germany international also talked about the youths in Spain, saying that the lacked dedication to the game...

They have the chance of a lifetime if they are allowed to practice with the professionals. However, some of them sometimes have a body language that almost makes me angry.I often go to these players at Juventus, talk to them, try to show them what they can do when they try hard and show themselves. But some don't understand it.

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