Serie A: Cristiano Ronaldo Angry After Being Substituted

Sports: Cristiano Ronaldo Angry After Being Substituted

Cristiano Ronaldo was furious when he was substituted by Dybala for Juventus in the 55th minute of the second half. This resulted in him giving the Juve coach a dirty look before heading straight to the tunnel.

His replacement, Dybala, was able to score the only goal in the match against Milan which gave the team the victory just 22 minutes to his entrance.

Ronaldo was not at his best in the game which made the head coach, Maurizio Sarri, take the decision but this did not stop the Portuguese from muttering something under his breath and walked straight down the tunnel and left the stadium.

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The Juventus star also showed some signs of unhappiness when he was substituted in their Champions League match on Wednesday at Lokomotiv Moscow.

This win has put Juventus at the top of the league table and they would be hoping to secure this lead.

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