EPL: "I'm Not Leaving Manchester City"... Pep Guardiola

Soccer News: "I'm Not Leaving Manchester City"... Pep Guardiola

Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, has debunked all rumours of him leaving the club anytime soon, reports Diamond Hub 101.

The 48-year-old said he would make sure he stays till his deal with the club expires even if he is not able to carry the Premier League cup this season.

According to Complete Sports, some people had the idea that he was planning to leave as his wife returned to Barcelona with one of his children to live. However, the Spaniard said he is not quitting soon...

If people ask if I want to stay? I want to stay. I don’t have any reasons to move from here. I’m incredibly satisfied to work with this club, with these players, and if people think I’m going to resign or be sacked for these results and nine points behind, people don’t know me. I like to be in this challenge, I love to be in this position. And, if the club wants me next season, I want to be here, 100 per cent. I want to live in this city because I know lovely people here and I want to work and live with them and I want to be here. But if they decide the results are getting worse, they’re going to take a decision, that’s normal. It’s not because I am friends with Txiki [Begiristain, sporting director] that I’m going to stay for the rest of my life. I’m here because I win. If I don’t win, I’m in trouble, I know that, but I’m incredibly satisfied to work in this city and this club and I want to help this club to get better. I still enjoy working with these players a lot and I would like to stay longer. If the club wants, I will stay.

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