Sports: Wenger says he might return to football

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal's former boss, says he might consider proposals to return to football thereby ending his one-year absence from football. He stated that he has received some interesting proposals and might acknowledge them.

Wenger left Arsenal in May 2018. He managed the Gunners for over 21 years. He said this after receiving the 2019 Legends of Football award...

“Since leaving Arsenal I have received some interesting proposals some of which I am currently contemplating. However, one invitation that I did not hesitate to accept, and I am extremely honored to do so, is to receive the 2019 Legends of Football award.”

The former Arsenal boss also stated his love for The Beatles and Bob Marley's music in the charity dinner for Nordoff Robbins...

“I have always enjoyed music and I am excited to be involved in the work Legends of Football does to support Nordoff Robbins, which is a fantastic charity. Music therapy can change people's lives, across a broad spectrum of disabilities, and I will help in any way I can. I look forward to celebrating at the Legends of Football event on October 7. I still love The Beatles because it's simplicity, and it's a bit like in football, you know. When it's class it looks simple, and that music looks very simple and that's maybe why it has lasted so long. I've said many times [that I always go back to] Bob Marley. There's something in his life that is the symbol of what music is about, you know. He loved football. He enjoyed life. When you see those clips of him, playing football, he was more than decent with the ball, wasn't he? He was more than decent with the ball, yes, and I like the combination of football and music.”

Would we be seeing Arsene Wenger anytime soon?

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