EPL: Van Persie expected more from Emery's side against Man United

Robin van Persie recently queried Unai Emery's tactics as Arsenal drew their match against Manchester United on Monday. He said he expected more from them as they were hesitant to attack their opponent. The match ended with one goal for both teams.

Van Persie featured successfully as a forward for both clubs, but he was left astounded that the north London outfit did not approach the game with a more positive attitude given the struggles of their hosts.

In an interview with Optus Sports, the former Netherlands international expressed how disappointed he was and talked about their lack of intensity in their match...

Even though it’s away, it doesn’t matter, this is a big game. Just go at them and try to win the ball high, play in their half, play positive. I would like to see a better game plan. It is like in the first 25 minutes of the game, you could see they were dropping back a lot, quite deep. If you choose as a coach and as players to do that, it’s fine, but then you need to have runners. You need to have at least two runners once you get the ball which I didn’t see.

Former Arsenal player, Ian Wright, talked about the coach selecting a negative team for the match...

No Mesut Ozil, no Dani Ceballos - creative midfield players. No one to really get the ball and control the game from an Arsenal perspective so they can get on the ball and maybe get their players into it.

Arsenal fans, what is your take on this?

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