Friendly: Tite worried about Brazil's performance

The head coach of Brazil, Tite, has expressed great worry for his team as they are not playing as he expected.

In a pre-match press conference in Singapore on Saturday, Tite made his worry known...

I am worried because the team needs to play better. We feel this demand and we are pressured. We need to have a good balance between attack and defense. It is necessary to improve, in special particular our defense. We have suffered conceded goals in the last three matches.

The Samba Boys suffered a 1-0 loss in their match against Peru thereby ending their winning streak in 17 matches. They also settled for a draw with Senegal on Thursday.

This performance has attracted a lot of fusses from Brazil's supporters and they are expecting a win in their Sunday friendly match against Nigeria's Super Eagles.

Tite's defenders have also received a lot of criticisms but their coach spoke in favor of them...

System mark, position, mark function. It is not the defense. The function of each, organized in a balanced way. Creation, conclusion, solidity. With the ball, without the ball. If it runs away from these principles, it becomes more vulnerable and can lead to uneasiness. There was time for us to seek opportunities. Opportunities lateral supporter. These adjustments, irregularities, the phase allows. It’s learning. Inevitable. The first one, inclusive.

Who will win the match on Sunday? The Super Eagles or The Samba Boys? Leave a comment to let me know.

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