EPL: Pogba to miss Liverpool clash

It has been confirmed that Paul Pogba would not be available for Manchester United when the clash with Liverpool on Sunday.

The 26-year-old has bee having issues with his ankle and this has caused a huge setback in his performance in the club. The manager, Solskjaer, has also expressed his worry for the player...

“Paul had an injury, he came back, he worked really hard. He came back and played a couple of games, maybe played through the pain barrier. He had a scan after the Arsenal game and maybe needed a few weeks’ rest in a boot so hopefully he won’t be too long, but he won’t make this game, no.”

Solskjaer also stated that goalkeeper David De Gea might also be out as he limped out of the pitch due to an injury he sustained in Spain’s match with Sweden in the Euro 2020 qualifier.

“I think he’ll be out. It certainly looked like it anyway judging on last night so it’s just one of those things.”

How do you think the club will cope without these players?

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