EPL: Emery reacts after 1-0 loss to Sheffield United

Arsenal coach, Unai Emery, thinks Arsenal's performance against Sheffield United was not bad in any way.

The Gunners coach felt the should not have lost the three points to Sheffield United on Monday. He made this known to Sky Sports after the match...

“We did not deserve to lose and we conceded a lot of corners in the first half and they scored in one action. Above all, we have to improve by not allowing balls like that. When we have our opportunities to attack, we created more chances than them but did not score today. We deserved more from the game but they have conceded the least goals in the Premier League and it was going to be difficult if they scored first. We tried in the second half, created three good chances to score. The scorer was with our goalkeeper and we had three players free to attack the ball. They gave us a key moment - the goal and another one when we should have had a clear penalty on Sokratis."

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Emery also talked about the issue with Bukayo Saka also...
“Bukayo Saka drives forward but I do not know if it was a penalty. It is a hard action for a yellow card. With VAR, the foul on Sokratis should have been reviewed. it was clear but we have to accept it. We did not deserve to lose and we will think about where we can improve. When we were losing 1-0, we controlled the game and defended well but they had a lot of players in their box so it was difficult to achieve attacks. We created three or four chances and we spoke about scoring one goal, we could have controlled it better if we did. We have challenges in each match. Tonight we had a big challenge to get the three points. We are playing some young players who are taking experience but the most important thing is to win. The result is one thing, but we can analyse positively."

This loss has made the club supporters angry with the coach and demands that he set things right in their next match.

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