Serie A: Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the highest paid footballer on Instagram

Portugal international and Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo, has been named as the highest-paid footballer on Instagram with Lionel Messi as runner-up.

Ronaldo got $48.7million (38.2million) from the platform in 2018 alone thereby making him the highest earner on Instagram. Runner-up, Messi, was able to get $23.8million (£18.7million) from his Instagram posts.

The Juventus star made a total of thirty-four sponsored posts in which he got $992,733 (£780,000) for each one. This player is still making a lot of impact on and off the pitch at 34.

Some other footballers who made the top 5 list of highest-paid footballers on Instagram are David Beckham ($10.9million), Neymar Jr. ($7.4million) and Ibrahimovic ($4.1million).

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