Sports: Sir Kenny Dalglish wants Steven Gerrard to succeed Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool legend, Sir Kenny Dalglish, said that it would be good if Steven Gerrard replaces Jurgen Klopp when he leaves Anfield.

Klopp has taken Liverpool to a new level since he joined the club in 2015 as they are now the strongest team in the Premier League. They are the winners of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup.

Dalglish strongly thinks that the former Liverpool star is a good replacement for Jurgen Klopp when he leaves Anfield. confirmed this statement...

“When that scenario unfolds, Steven Gerrard, I’m quite certain, will come into the thoughts of everyone at Liverpool. He knows the club inside out and is proving himself to be a very capable young manager at Rangers. Jurgen didn’t say what he did in order to angle a move away from Anfield for himself, or to unsettle Steven at Ibrox. He was just speaking honestly. For me, the way Jurgen answered the question put to him once again reiterated just how much he ‘gets’ Liverpool, from the way some people are regarded by everyone at the club to the mood and feelings of the supporters. Perhaps Steven might have been a wee bit embarrassed with Jurgen’s comments, but they would have been said with the best of intentions. Deep down inside, I’m sure Steven would have been very, very proud of Jurgen’s comments. But right now he has a job at Rangers to be getting on with, just as Jurgen will be fully focused on matters at Anfield. Steven is doing very well at Ibrox. He has improved the team, and helped the club make huge strides forward off the park. The next step, of course, is to try to win silverware.”

Jurgen Klopp, when speaking with FourFourTwo, also supported the idea of the current Rangers FC coach succeeding him in the future...

“If you ask who should follow me, I’d say Stevie. I help him whenever I can.”

The fans of Liverpool would love Klopp to stay longer even though his contract with Liverpool will expire in three years' time. Although, if he leaves, Gerrard would be in line to replace him as he has been doing a pretty decent job at Rangers FC.

Do you agree with them?

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