Serie A: Cristiano Ronaldo's Best Goal

Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo, said that his overhead kick goal for his former club, Real Madrid, in their clash with Juventus was his best of his career before he signed a contract with them.

The Portugal international has scored a total of 701 goals in his football career but he feels the overhead kick is the best goal ever.

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He has also scored some wonderful goals at Machester United under Sir Alex Ferguson before transferring to Real Madrid where he did exceptionally well. Real Madrid got the win with Ronaldo scoring twice in that match. He talked about his best goal in an interview with France Football...

"Seven hundred goals, it's an impressive total that makes me all the more proud that few players have reached. If you ask me to choose a favorite, I would say the goal against Juventus because it's a goal I've been trying to score for years. It was spectacular ... it's a goal that will live long in the memory and probably the best goal of my career."

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