EPL: Lampard Is Ready for Payback Against Man United

Chelsea coach, Frank Lampard has stated that his boys are ready to win their upcoming match against Manchester to serve as payback. for their 4-0 loss at Old Trafford.

Lampard was just appointed as the new manager of Chelsea when his team suffered a 4-0 loss at Old Trafford. However, the former Blues player-turned-manager said he turned deaf ear to the negative statements in the media and focused on his job to bring success to the club...

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“Was it difficult to ignore criticism after the game? No. It was easy. I joke a bit, but there is a lot of noise, win, lose or draw about my selection, whatever 11 I pick. That’s part of the process for a young player, isn’t it? They have to feel you believe in them. I remember my managers giving me that sense they believed in me and stick with me because everybody will have a bad game or an off day. I think that’s part of my job, to give all my players belief, but particularly the young ones who are playing their first games or whatever at Old Trafford. I didn’t even have to speak to the players individually after that. It was ‘onto the next one’, onto the Super Cup at the time, and let’s try and be successful, and since then they’ve been good.”

The match between the Blues and Red Devils is scheduled to hold on Wednesday by 9:05pm at Stamford Bridge.

Who will get the win? Lampard or Solksjaer?

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