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EPL: Bournemouth not ready to let go of Nathan Ake

Bournemouth boss, Eddie Howe, has discarded all rumors linking center-back Nathan Ake move to Stamford Bridge.

Ake, who joined Bournemouth in 2017, was in Manchester City and Chelsea's radar but Howe is not ready to let him go...

“He is part of our long-term plan,” he said. “Of course, he is going to have admirers from other clubs, I think that goes with the territory at this level. It’s part of the modern-day Premier League player that, if you do well, your media attention increases and you have to deal with that. That’s another tick in the box for Nath because he has dealt with all that. It’s never affected him, all the media talk and transfer speculation. The biggest compliment I can give Nathan is in his conduct, his professionalism, and his leadership. I can’t speak highly enough of him. The way he conducts himself. He does it with very minimal fuss, he goes about his work but is determined to improve.”

Eddie Howe also talked about the center back's style of play...

He certainly fits our style and how we want to play, being comfortable with the ball and having the bravery to play, build attacks and all the things that are the hallmarks of our defenders. Nathan would be a great one for our younger players to look at and all the way through the club to say ‘that’s the ideal center-half for us’. He’s an absolute winner and a really good guy to manage – he sets the tone in terms of character for the players. He is now a permanent fixture of our back four, a model of consistency and developing and improving all the time.

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