La Liga: Zidane Not Shaken By Mourinho News

Jose Mourinho might be becoming Real Madrid's new manager but the current manager, Zinedine Zidane, has made it clear that he is not worried at all.

Zidane has been under pressure since on Wednesday when they lost to PSG in a match that ended with three goals all for PSG.

The France World Cup winner said that he is more interested in transforming his club’s form to be worrying about Mourinho...

I’m not interested in what is said outside the club, the day I pay attention to what’s in the press is the day I leave. I feel in a strong position and I never give up. I will keep trying until the last minute and as long as the club will give me the chance to continue. I don’t feel questioned at all. I’m not bothered by the Mourinho speculation.

He also continued with this statement...

This is how the situation is, and whenever the team has a bad result the impression is that everything needs to change. It’s difficult but it’s the reality.

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