Serie A: Lukaku In Dressing Room Fight With Team-mate

Romelu Lukaku was involved in a fight with his teammate Marcelo Brozovic in their dressing room. This was due to the fact that they drew the match against Slavia Prague. The game ended with one goal for each team.

It was already injury time before Inter Milan could make the game level. Antonio Conte would have to figure out how to improve his team but for now, he has another issue to settle.

According to the report of La Gazzetta Dello Sport, the new Inter Milan forward was telling his teammates to be more offensive as their coach has stated. Brozovic took it as a personal criticism and reacted. Their teammate had to separate them before the issue got out of control.

This shows that there might be some kind of misunderstanding between bot players and the coach needs to straighten things out between them.

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