EPL: Rio Ferdinand Wants Harry Kane To Leave Tottenham

Rio Ferdinand has recently stated in a statement that he wants Tottenham's forward, Harry Kane, to go in the search of trophies by leaving his current club. Kane has not won any major trophy even though he is one of EPL's best forwards.

Ferdinand, who is Manchester United's legend, said this in an interview with BT Sport...

If you look at it as if you’re an individual, put yourself in Harry Kane’s shoes, you’re saying ‘I’m off’. I’ve got to be honest with you, I’d be gone because I’ve not got time to hang around. I could get injured next season, I could lose form etc. I want to win now. I’ve given most of my career to this club and they haven’t won anything. Yeah, you go very close, you can keep going very close, they’ve been close a few times of winning the league and then obviously the Champions League . It’s not enough.

He also talked about Eriksen...

I can understand Christian Eriksen, you can understand Eriksen’s frustrations and wanting to leave and saying ‘I want to go somewhere and potentially win something’, not be a maybe.

The 26-year-old England international scored a penalty goal against Olympiakos which enabled them to draw the match on Wednesday night. Ferdinand thinks he should be planning to leave North London.

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