Europa League: Rules For Clubs In The UEFA Europa League

The UEFA Europa committee has written nine rules that all clubs participating in the league must abide by this year. Manchester United, Arsenal, Wolves, Celtic and Rangers would be starting their group stage matches today. All club supporters need to be aware of these rules.


Any player that uses their hands or arms creates a goalscoring chance or to score will be penalized whether accidentally or not.


Teams would be able to have a total of 12 substitutes and will be able to pick only 3 players in each match.


When taking free-kicks, the attackers will have to stand one meter away from the defensive wall and not interfere with it.


When taking a goal-kick, opposition players will still not be allowed in the area. Goal-kicks and free-kicks also no longer have to leave the box before a team-mate can touch the ball.


The goalkeeper of the team who last touched the ball will be given the ball and it must be played four meters away.


The goalposts must not be touched by the goalkeepers during penalties. They also have to keep one foot on the goal-line when it is taken.

Leaving the pitch

Players will have to leave the pitch using the nearest area wherever they are positioned on the field in order to stop time-wasting.

Coin toss

Coin toss winners will now have the option to kick off first or choose an end to play towards.

Yellow and Red cards

Managers of clubs will receive yellow and red cards for any form of misconduct.

In Group E, Lazio will take on CFR Cluj by 5:55pm. Celtic will travel to France to play against Rennes at the same time.

In Group F, Eintracht Frankfurt will be hosting Arsenal at 5.55pm tonight. Standard Liege will take on Vitoria SC at the same time.

In Group G, Feyenoord will be hosted by Rangers FC at Ibrox by 8pm.  Porto will play against Young Boys at the same time.

In Group K, Wolves hosts Braga at Molineux at 8pm while Slovan Bratislava faces Besiktas, also at the same time.

In Group L, Manchester United will welcome Astana at Old Trafford by 8pm with Partizan and AZ Alkmaar clashing in the other match.

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