EPL: Liverpool To Face Chelsea In Tough Match

EPL: Liverpool To Face Chelsea In Tough Match

Jürgen Klopp confirmed that their clash with Chelsea would be a tough one and has advised his players to get prepared for their toughest test this season at Stamford Bridge.

The last time Lampard's side faced Liverpool was in the UEFA Super Cup where they were defeated as Tammy Abraham missed a penalty which gave Klopp the victory.

The manager of Liverpool said he really hopes to maintain their winning streak in the league on Sunday...

It’s not my job to talk about other managers, but what I can say is that they play exciting football. They’re an exciting team. Young, but good. For me, that’s not a surprise. Frank did an outstanding job at Derby, so I’m not surprised he’s doing a really good job at Chelsea. But it’s a difficult league and we have to prove our quality in a three-day rhythm. I really think he’s a really, really good manager.

EPL: Liverpool To Face Chelsea In Tough Match

He still had more to say...

They had a couple of problems but they sorted them well. It reminds me of a little bit of my team at Dortmund years back. They were really young and people always spoke about that, but they only played because they were that good.

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