La Liga: "Eden Hazard Shouldn't Have Left Chelsea"...Ferdinand

Ferdinand shared his opinion on what he thinks about Eden Hazard leaving Chelsea. The former Manchester United defender thinks the new Real Madrid player could regret his decision later on.

The UEFA Europa Player of the Season signed a contract with La Liga's giants, Real Madrid has been having issues making impacts in the league.
In an interview with BT Sport, Ferdinand said that the Belgian player should have not put pen to paper for Real Madrid and stay at Chelsea...

When you go to a new club, especially the size of Real Madrid, you have got to earn the right to be the man that gets the ball, that they look to first as the talisman. He has got to do something in the training games and in the games itself, to make them want to give him the ball.

He also continued with these words...
I’m fearful of him really that he has gone to Real Madrid at the wrong time. This is an aging side, they are not on the way up and they have not got much spark about them at the moment, and that is going to reflect on him, badly, in the long term.

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