Sports: Chelsea Coach Urges Southgate To Call Up Tammy Abraham

Tammy Abraham's coach, Frank Lampard, has urged Gareth Southgate to call up the Chelsea star player as Nigeria is really trying to get him.

He said this as he knows that the  21-year-old is in good form and will deliver when given the chance to play at the international level.

The youngster who has scored seven superb goals for Chelsea revealed that he was open to playing for Nigeria's Super Eagles. He is currently at the top of the English Premier League chart for goalscorers.

Lampard talked about Tammy's performance...
I never had clear expectations for him, only the fact that I believed in him and trusted him. I know a lot has been made of the ban, giving young players potential opportunities, but I felt the time was right for Tammy to have his opportunity at this club anyway, because of the quality he has got. I’m really delighted he has got his goals, I think there’s even more to come. He’s in a good place that requires him to sustain and improve even more. With his mentality, I hope to see that.
The Chelsea boss stated in an interview that Tammy Abraham continues to receive invites from Nigeria if the England coach continues to ignore him...
He’s put himself in the bracket for England by being top goalscorer at this point. It’s one for Gareth Southgate; I’d hate to step on his toes. But it’s clear Tammy is going to be wanted.

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