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Arsenal legend, Ian Wright, has called Tottenham's striker Harry Kane, a cheat. He said this at the end of the match pitting Arsenal against Tottenham on Sunday which ended in two goals each for both teams. Tottenham was in the lead before Arsenal equalized both goals.

The legend made this statement as the striker went down in the box due to Sokratis' challenge. He said that the Tottenham striker "deliberately dived" into the box to get a penalty. The match ended with the teams scoring two goals each. Tottenham was in the lead with two goals before Arsenal equalized both goals.
"The ball was on the left and he moved to the right to initiate contact. Harry Kane did was stepped across, he initiated the contact and went over. It’s a simulation. It’s cheating. I’d rather call it that. That’s all it was."
However, Martin Atkinson, who was the officiating referee, did not award a penalty to his disappointment.

Watch the highlight

Was it really a penalty or was Kane just trying to cheat to get one?


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