Sports: "I Regret Not Joining Manchester United"...Darko Pancev

Former Yugoslavia player, Darko Pančev, has expressed his regret at not moving to Old Trafford. He even went ahead by calling himself a fool...

I was very popular in 1992 and received many transfer offers, but decided unfortunately for the wrong club. Inter had an average team in the shadow of city rivals AC Milan. In addition, I had enormous disagreements with the former coach Osvaldo Bagnoli, which was of course counterproductive. Nevertheless, the following winter I received an offer from Sir Alex Ferguson, who wanted to guide me to Manchester United. However, I did not follow the call, because I wanted to prove to the Italians that I could do it in Serie A. I was a fool.

The 54 years old ex Inter Milan player who moved to the club in 1992 instead of Man United had a bad time at the club as he did not always agree with Osvaldo Bagnoli who was the manager at that time...

He was not a bad coach but was not meant for Inter. But it was the whole situation around me that has led me to despair at not being able to give my best. And to think that I had turned down offers from Real, Barça, Manchester United.

Pančev hanged his boots in the year 1997 and to date, he still feels bad for refusing to sign for the Red Devils.

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