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The Netherlands ladies were full of joy as they got their ticket to the France 2019 Women's World Cup when they came out victorious against Sweden. Jackie Groenen was the MVP as she scored the only and winning goal for Netherlands in the extra time. The Sweden ladies were devastated but had to accept the result.

England was also sent out of the Women's World Cup competition by the United States players. C. Press scored the first goal in 10 minutes for Their England but Ellen White equalized later in the game. This was not enough to stop the U.S ladies as Morgan scored the winning goal for the United States. Bright was shown a Red card in the second half of the game.

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United States would be playing Netherlands to determine the champion of the WWC competition by 4pm on Sunday. The 3rd place match would be between England and Sweden by 4pm on Saturday.

This is going to be a thug of war match for the two finalists. Who will win?

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