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Germany would be going against Nigeria in the first Women's World Cup Round of 16 matches. Germany has faced Nigeria once in 1991 and won the match. They have also won 29 matches, lost 7 and drawn 4 Women's World Cup matches since 1991. Nigeria has won 4 matches, lost 18 and has drawn 3 Women's World Cup matches since 1991. Germany has scored 4 goals against Nigeria. Nigeria hasn't scored any. The Nigerian footballers would need to put in their best performance to enable them to win this match.

Norway would also be facing Australia in the Women's Round of 16 matches. Norway has faced Australia twice in the Women's World Cup since 2007. They drew one match and lost the other. They have won 24 matches, lost 12 and drawn 2 matches since 1991. Australia has also won 7 matches, lost 13 and has drawn 5 Women's World Cup matches since 1995.

Norway has scored 2 goals against Australia while Australia has scored 3.

It is going to be a very tough one for these ladies but one thing is sure, we must have a winner.

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